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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Best Pal Come Unexpectedly


hello, how are you today ?I hope you are doing will  over there in your place,if one give s out of love he gives  something precious and valuable even to the expense of doing or induring certain saccrifices.my store started during my childhood years that I couldnt forget and it implied to me the real meaning of friendship. one day ,several years ago in the summer of my chilldhood my friends and I found us with nothing to do we had played all the ganes we could thinkof explored all the secret places around our neighbor it was the kid kid of summer afternoon when sun seemed between the places. no wind stirred.the brown dirty leavesof the trees hang limp and motion less asidefrom us no one else was moving about,for the whole niegthbor was having its music suddenly,we all  turned toward  the direction he was facing and saw what seemed like birds.

Friday, August 31, 2012

My tributed to my mater


hi good day everyone this is the frish day of Sept 1.I want to  share my alma matter in my life is a series of stops and goes . in some little time we stop and them we stop and then we go.it is not yet the end insted it is the begining of a new era. what Iam in the future depends on my iether sucess or failure.is in this school where my personalityis molded.she hep me in preparing  myself to the next chapter of my life and in order to attain a good future.
       My tributed in this instatution is to give the assurance to serve and brilliant a compared to the other student but i made my promise and i will make it possible to happen.the good name of Bayawan College School,will remian in my mind as well are in my heart .
wherever I will always serve and my alma mater and for me this is the most import.

tasted friendship;strengthened with time


Hey guys,welcomeback here again,huh for long time i was off here,sorry guys,
anyway, let me express my feeling today and  discuss about how friendship is treasured.Well friendship is always a things that is treasured  by everyone.
all of us have friends.we hang out with them,share joy and problem with then,and even make fun with them.surely,thereis no greater treasure than the moments or timeyou spend with your friends.
having friends is nice but just like other relationships there are still conflicts that will open our sense and make us grow into better persons.and those that will make our friendship stronger.
our relationship with our friends would best boring if it is not tested.I mean we  would not know if it is not tested,rigth?I have a friend we have been friends for almost four years until now.  I was happy having her oh thank God our friendship last forever.yah guys,i have to go now,till here now,Have a bless day .xoxoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm surfing the net now...


Looking for a good restaurant here in bayawan .oh I surfing on the net.Oh glad i found the Ati-atihan restobar near in the market...I want to hang -out with my family there for a birthday celebration soon.
yeah i don't have budget but i am not worry because all is treat  by our special guest from Manila.Thank you in advance.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

with Picnic


Wow what a beautiful time we had of my sisters and cousin,we visit on the seashore .we took a bath...oh yeah and we had small picnic...we share the spirit of summer ...and its enjoyable...we plan to visit on the other place here in bayawan on the other day ,in the new build beach.oh hoping we will enjoy.According to my friends who visit on the new build beach ,nice and cool.yeah am exciting to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi Guys,How are u today?


Oh my gosh, whats-up guys,
what are u doing today?I guess all of you got busy.
Yes it summer time now .Enjoy the family vacation .Enjoy the time being.
Ok guys,I feel good here at home with my family,we don't need to go for vacation in other places as our pleasure being here in a peaceful place we lived in Bayawan City.
Yes wishing everyone's filled with the spirit of happiness this summer .God bless.Be happy and be healthy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good morning guys.whats-up!!


Hows u doing guys?
Is everything ok?
oh my goodness I feel great today as i woke up this morning.Thank you Lord for the blessings and for the other time /day you've given to me.You fill my heart with gladness .Hoping u guys feel the same with ...
anyway I do laundry and cleaning the house today with my sisters.Good exercise.
Our neighbors recognize our yard with more blooms of flowers.Yeah its all good.


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