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Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm surfing the net now...


Looking for a good restaurant here in bayawan .oh I surfing on the net.Oh glad i found the Ati-atihan restobar near in the market...I want to hang -out with my family there for a birthday celebration soon.
yeah i don't have budget but i am not worry because all is treat  by our special guest from Manila.Thank you in advance.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

with Picnic


Wow what a beautiful time we had of my sisters and cousin,we visit on the seashore .we took a bath...oh yeah and we had small picnic...we share the spirit of summer ...and its enjoyable...we plan to visit on the other place here in bayawan on the other day ,in the new build beach.oh hoping we will enjoy.According to my friends who visit on the new build beach ,nice and cool.yeah am exciting to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi Guys,How are u today?


Oh my gosh, whats-up guys,
what are u doing today?I guess all of you got busy.
Yes it summer time now .Enjoy the family vacation .Enjoy the time being.
Ok guys,I feel good here at home with my family,we don't need to go for vacation in other places as our pleasure being here in a peaceful place we lived in Bayawan City.
Yes wishing everyone's filled with the spirit of happiness this summer .God bless.Be happy and be healthy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good morning guys.whats-up!!


Hows u doing guys?
Is everything ok?
oh my goodness I feel great today as i woke up this morning.Thank you Lord for the blessings and for the other time /day you've given to me.You fill my heart with gladness .Hoping u guys feel the same with ...
anyway I do laundry and cleaning the house today with my sisters.Good exercise.
Our neighbors recognize our yard with more blooms of flowers.Yeah its all good.

Dumaguete Convention 2012


Hi everyone,welcomeback here ...yes to God be the Glory.

I am busy with my whole life through...oh gosh I miss u guys here.

Wish everyone's fine and happy...smile
ok here my new pics from dumaguete convetnion just wanna share it here...hope u like it guys.hmnnnnnn

Lets enjoy the presence of God...


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