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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I went to Kalumboyan today...


oh my gosh ...I went to Kalumboyan today coz Mama told me to bring Papa here in bayawan to sign the papers for franchise of our Pedicab.When I get into Kalumboyan I go quickly to our farm to let Papa know ,but oh the river was high and hard to get through across without a boat,so great that there's a balsa made up of bamboo the same as boat that we use to ride.So I ride the balsa...To the max I'm feeling happy.hmn
However when I get into Papa house ,he wasn't there,so i hurriedly comeback riding the balsa again.wow I like it though.However I was terribly wonder wooh so bad...I saw Papa walking on the way going home and was notice that he fill drunk.hehehe not of my business to ask Papa where he get drunk...He is a drunkrad person and I bother of it also.
But I did not lose hope to bring Papa with me.Thanks God we reach home and no bad thing happen.okey this is all for now.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Hello to all,

I was absent here for a few days.I started working coz i accepted on the job i applied ,so most of my time i spent at work and no time to visit here .But yeah now I comeback.
Anyway am happy that I'm here again.I hope i could continue posting here.wooh
My sister remind me again to visit here.wow great,she's much enjoy blogging thats why she encourage me too.Thanks sister for the concern.
I hope I can manage here still.
okey just wanna go now.babooo!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our neighbor from kalumboyan come home today.


Hello everyone,

wooh...I am sometimes can open the computer and do the posting here.
Today we had a visitor from kalumboyan ,He is our neighbor before but now we get far distance from each other coz we finally lived here in Bayawan now.lol
We're happy that even we're far from our neighbor now they remember us,they come and visit us.wow
ohoh once upon a time today when I do CHATTING...looking for friend's I meet someone older than me,she is a girl and she ask my number ,we newly met and talk on the computer but then she makes moves on me.She call me at a time today and wow surprised coz she is just a girl and I am a boy...why does she make it?lol
Anyway just a friend and natural to be like that showing some love.
Well this is my pleasure to had some friends.hope everyone here also be my friend.Love u all.muahhhhh

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleaning the yard


oops I did it...feeling fresh looking our yard clean.So happy if the sorroundings sorrounded by beautiful flowers especially it gives more enchant to home also clean.lol
I wipe the glass window inside the house today ,i shower it with water and soap now it's more clearer to see than before.I enjoy my work coz sometimes i do it.
My sister also clean up the sorroundings getting some dry leaves fallin .
Nice looking if the sorroundings are clean.I use to lived in a clean house than dirty ones.hehehe
okey guys...just short story for a while now,Im going to do laundry my own clothes and watch movie after.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

good day for me i don't know to other's.lol


Today I was happy .I enjoy cultivating my garden and makes me wonder that most of my flowers are blooming good .Just like a girl blooming .lol
Anyway even I am a boy but I practice the works of a girl.I do my best to help my sister's work at home especially many things to clean up.wooh
My sisters told me that I am a good gardener.lol but not so, i think.hehehe

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Godamn...i and brother Dannyboy going to kalumboyan pm


oh my gosh really awesome...it was rainy here and we're going to kalumboyan with my brother...we use to have a hurry time going to Kalumboyan coz my brother has an important matter to do .He's going to follow-up of the charcoal to buy.He is responsible enough now, before not so i think.hehehe I get notice of him busy with working now different from his single time.I love my brother but then I can't blame if he get married early without permanent works,this was his destiny to have wife early maybe.
I wish not to get married unless no earnings for the future family.okey guy's just a lesson.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

sweet guava fruit.wow


When we get into the farm the first thing we looked at is the fruit of our guava tree.hehehe
We love this kind of fruit ,this can help full our stomach not to hungry.lol
My sister took picture on her hand the fruit of guava and wow nice to look at so i put it here.
Good to bite that sweet guava fruit ,we use to climb the guava tree to get some guava fruit and bring home.
While we are above the tree we use to eat though like a monkey.heheheh
We enjoy climbing tree's especially when the tree is fruitful.
okey this is all for now...have a nice day to all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

staying here in home all day long.


hi to all,

I am so happy watching movie again here on net.I fond of watching movie especially if interesting.heheheh
By the way I prefer to stay all day long here in home just today and was felt comfortable than roaming around alone.
Oh by the way,I like transporter scene the actor is very good and the events happen in the scene was terrible.I wish to become an actor artist too.hmnnnnn
well...today I was also happy that my uncle Jerry get done processing of his papers for marriage.This month is the set date of his wedding and hope everything goes right.I knew my uncle is old enough to handle things better.Marriage is sacred and was blessed by our heavenly father.So everyone who enter the kingdom of marriage just remind that be strong enough and be happy together in living until the rest of your lives.
thanks and have a nice day.


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