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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our neighbor from kalumboyan come home today.

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Hello everyone,

wooh...I am sometimes can open the computer and do the posting here.
Today we had a visitor from kalumboyan ,He is our neighbor before but now we get far distance from each other coz we finally lived here in Bayawan now.lol
We're happy that even we're far from our neighbor now they remember us,they come and visit us.wow
ohoh once upon a time today when I do CHATTING...looking for friend's I meet someone older than me,she is a girl and she ask my number ,we newly met and talk on the computer but then she makes moves on me.She call me at a time today and wow surprised coz she is just a girl and I am a boy...why does she make it?lol
Anyway just a friend and natural to be like that showing some love.
Well this is my pleasure to had some friends.hope everyone here also be my friend.Love u all.muahhhhh



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