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Friday, October 23, 2009

Today am chatting to my friend.


Hi everyone,

Spending time on the computer and enjoy chatting to my friend.I'm glad to see my friend on cam today wow she looks great with big earrings on her ear.hmn Just like a fashion model in beauty.By the way she's improving her personality looks.And that was wonderful.I admire her beauty now.okey till here now
Am going to clean the house guys.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nice to have a new dress and was given.


wow cool...thanks to my brother he was given me a new dress and wow so wonderful color pink.I like it .
Most of my dress was color in pink because it symbolizes my personality meaning I'm not a boy but a feminine.hehehe

oops...its good to take pics of my dresses but sorry no time.till next time baboo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello... good day to all.


Hows everyone today?
I feel glad that I had a pretty day today...hehehe
I come to the school of my sister Rosalie attending the meeting then I meet my classmate before .Wow she looks good .I thought that she was already had a job but as i ask her she told me she doesn't have yet,oh we're the same.hehehehe
You know everyone...My life so boring now as i doesn't have work yet i want to work with the other people especially to meet any race of people.I want to earn for the future and help my family...Maybe that comes when i could work abroad...thats what i dreamed of.I tried to work here in our place oh so bad the salary can't afford to my daily expenses so i stopped.What can I do now, i still here at home.Hope soon to look for a good job for me maybe to the other place or country.ty

Sunday, October 18, 2009

visit again into Kalumboyan


wow...today is sunday...and I was glad that mama excited to attend church service today...so my sister and I with mama ride the motorbike going to Kalumboyan.Thanks God all was fine and was happy meeting the members of the church and our beloved Pastor.
wooh...good to visit as always our loving Lola too ,but she is not feeling well...we get worry of her but anyway we had nothing to do materially but by praying to God to help her to have good health and protection ,long life.okey my friend's help us though...ty so much

Friday, October 16, 2009

We visit Lola in Kalumboyan today


Oh my goodness...mama newly survive from her surgery but then she took time to visit lola there in kalumboyan...i think it was not good for her to go far but she really do her best and she did it.wow
Mama concern of lola situation too even though she is not feeling well yet.Lola has not in good feeling too.Lola looking so pity and was weak.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

we've come to Dumaguete again for mama check-up and paying of bills


wooh...I always busy all day long...When mama has her surgery oh my gosh i terribly busy as always...i take good care of mama here at home ,sometimes i get to the market bought her foods and also I did alert for the time mama going to take her medicine .
By the way,today we've comeback to dumaguete for mama check-up and for the doctor paying of bills.Thanks God i able to ride the V-hire without vomitting.I learn to be tidy now maybe.hehehe
Also I am so thankful to God mama was doing fine in her surgery,she talk to her doctor and the doctor said she was fine but she need to take more rest and do not do work then needs some fruits to eat as her vitamins C ,then maintaining her medicine .
However it was very good that the doctor did not force us to pay him big ,we ask favor to him so happy that he's cool.God bless Him anyway.For Godsake we comeback home and everything was settled.thanks a lot.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our mother had a rare surgery...we're afraid


Thanks God our mother survive through the delicate surgery.She has appendicitis operation and her appendix was already burst before she had her surgery.Oh I'm afraid of what happen to mama in the first time her stomach aching,she can't bear the pain.This was her first time that she really can't take the pain normally.She can't get sleep because of her stomach aching so much.Oh by the way Appendix is very dangerous ...guys just an advise that we all had to be careful of our health also then after we eat our meal we had to relax for a while not to get work.Guys u know so hard experience of my mother.Also u can't able to see to a doctor without financial.My mother get into the Hospital my brother has money only 500 pesos then the doctor give us the list of medicine needs to buy for mama surgery operation.So then we troubled ,we come to the city governor asking help to them ,wow thanks God they help us then we able to buy the medicine...so mama got her operation then after the operation the doctor give us another list of medicine so thanks God He provide us through the help of my Brother in-law and sisters they sent money through the western union so easily we got help.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I enjoy chatting with my someone special.woohh


wow...what a nice day for me and to my someone.lol
I enjoy my entire day talking to my someone ,especially seeing her on cam.I also happy hearing her lovely voice.wow she's so wonderful.
I felt so very excited when am talking to her especially on the phone.
Ok I am now happy that I find my special someone in life.I wish everything goes right with us.ty


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