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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello... good day to all.

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Hows everyone today?
I feel glad that I had a pretty day today...hehehe
I come to the school of my sister Rosalie attending the meeting then I meet my classmate before .Wow she looks good .I thought that she was already had a job but as i ask her she told me she doesn't have yet,oh we're the same.hehehehe
You know everyone...My life so boring now as i doesn't have work yet i want to work with the other people especially to meet any race of people.I want to earn for the future and help my family...Maybe that comes when i could work abroad...thats what i dreamed of.I tried to work here in our place oh so bad the salary can't afford to my daily expenses so i stopped.What can I do now, i still here at home.Hope soon to look for a good job for me maybe to the other place or country.ty



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