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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

we've come to Dumaguete again for mama check-up and paying of bills

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wooh...I always busy all day long...When mama has her surgery oh my gosh i terribly busy as always...i take good care of mama here at home ,sometimes i get to the market bought her foods and also I did alert for the time mama going to take her medicine .
By the way,today we've comeback to dumaguete for mama check-up and for the doctor paying of bills.Thanks God i able to ride the V-hire without vomitting.I learn to be tidy now maybe.hehehe
Also I am so thankful to God mama was doing fine in her surgery,she talk to her doctor and the doctor said she was fine but she need to take more rest and do not do work then needs some fruits to eat as her vitamins C ,then maintaining her medicine .
However it was very good that the doctor did not force us to pay him big ,we ask favor to him so happy that he's cool.God bless Him anyway.For Godsake we comeback home and everything was settled.thanks a lot.



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