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Monday, October 12, 2009

Our mother had a rare surgery...we're afraid

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Thanks God our mother survive through the delicate surgery.She has appendicitis operation and her appendix was already burst before she had her surgery.Oh I'm afraid of what happen to mama in the first time her stomach aching,she can't bear the pain.This was her first time that she really can't take the pain normally.She can't get sleep because of her stomach aching so much.Oh by the way Appendix is very dangerous ...guys just an advise that we all had to be careful of our health also then after we eat our meal we had to relax for a while not to get work.Guys u know so hard experience of my mother.Also u can't able to see to a doctor without financial.My mother get into the Hospital my brother has money only 500 pesos then the doctor give us the list of medicine needs to buy for mama surgery operation.So then we troubled ,we come to the city governor asking help to them ,wow thanks God they help us then we able to buy the medicine...so mama got her operation then after the operation the doctor give us another list of medicine so thanks God He provide us through the help of my Brother in-law and sisters they sent money through the western union so easily we got help.



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