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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcoming the X-mas and the New Year!


Oh my gosh...long time not hearing from you all Guys. oh Have a nice time.Well ...whats-up Guys.
What can u tell ,or feeling within the month of December .oh I guess you guys are happy spending time with whole family in this christmas though its the month that the year 2011 will end!
Although I' am excited to celebrate the X-mas and to welcoming the New year 2012.Wow another year,and years of my life,I also get matured but oh Thanks God I still alive and being healthy,smart and happy person.This is the gift that I had and can never share to others.alright.
Merry X-mas Guys and advance Happy New year.ahmnnn enjoy the X-mas with matching dilicious Noche Vuena.God bless us all.muah

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Going to Kalumboyan!


I am attending church today at Kalumboyan ,I also visiting our farm.I enjoyed eating fruits like pineapple ,young coconut/Buko and avocado especially banana,,,oh all sweet.

I have no pictures for today but I can't forget my happiness and fullness within this times.
I am fond of collecting fruits from our farm.So when I go back here in Bayawan home I have many colorful fruits have.
You guys,do you love fruits? Oh yeah I guess all of you like .
So will you come with me when I'm visit in our farm?...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watch-up guys,How's you doing right now?


Hi guys,

oh yeah I comeback again...I missed my responsibilities here...I didn't able to write my daily post here and i didn't able to visit friends .Oh I feel sorry guys...I hope I could make a good job again...
By the way,How are you all guys? I've missing you all,,,
oh yeah well comeback to me...hmnnnnnnn
You knew Guys ,I lost here for a longer time as I travel in Manila and work for a while...And so far not able to comeback so early,,,but now it's my turn to be with you all guys...thanks and remain bless to all bloggers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



I am busy doing household chores today ...oh i thanks that my Sister help me to finished.
I also cook food for lunch and was happy I eat well as the food is delicious.lol
Oh guys,I fell weak taking care of my little sis.Valerie as She is Mama's girl...oh no!I hope my future Baby someday will not like her...hmnn
oK Guys better luck next time...I have to relax now...I am tired from work and being a boy nanny of my sister.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My 2 Sister trip to Dumaguete attending Convention in Christian Church...


Hi guys,good that my sisters attending the event in the Church in Dumaguete City...Yes my 2 sisters ,1 cousin,and our Beloved Pastor, going to convention and nice many Christians they encounter almost there.I can say that it was good to be born again.yeah alright guys,Glory be to God.As they said they enjoy the services in every session .Praising and worshiping God,listening the message of God,learning testimony of others.
Most of the time,so much enjoyable and interesting they said.God is love.For God is so good , all the time.


It is very easy to love the Lord with all your being
when you think about how much He loves each of us.

Further, Jesus Christ said; "GREATER LOVE HAS NO

IN HIM. Thus it is only right to show God our love by
worshiping Him, for; THE HOUR IS COMING, AND NOW
( 1 JOHN 4:16 ) & ( JOHN 4:23 )

( PSALM 96:1 )
Thank you God for always there for us.You guys Love God?Alright.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Graduation day of my cousin Ivy...yes congratulations.


How was everybody here?OK I hope all are doing fine.As for me here I am pretty good and sorry guys,I got a delayed posting pics of my cousin here during graduation.Thanks she finish the 6 years of schooling ,like she is a hardworking girl,she is a working student guys and she did a good work for about 6 years.And Hope she can continue schooling on High School as well as in college.God will Bless her I knew.
Anyway she felt very happy receiving a certificate of graduation.You see in her eyes,how she felt.hmnnnnn
But sad to think her mother not able to attend her graduation.Oh gosh and therefore not full happiness she have ,but at least she did her best right?
Ok till here now,,,I have to prepare food for dinner...muah

Friday, April 8, 2011

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Friday, April 1, 2011

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Doing household chores....cleaning the sorroundings.


How are u today guys?
Oh yeah as for me here I am busy doing household chores plus trimming the grass in our yard.Oh it makes me busy enough.I have no time for making my daily habit visiting here as well as to my friend.So I was in delay sorry guys.Anyway I finish my work for about 6 oclock pm.And nice to see the result,the sorroundings looks clean and the house looks good.Yes wonderful if always.And oh my work helps my health just I have good relaxation at the evening earlier,oh I slept well.It's because I am working much at the day time ,my body get tired and does makes me sleeping tight.
Last night I was disturb by our dog bark and I did not able to sleep early because of noisy.So I did to awake surfing the net ,opening my Fb page and after at 12 oclock in the evening I comeback to bed and sleep.Oh bad habit.
I do hope nothing can disturb my sleeping again because If I lack of sleep in the evening I cannot work well especially I cannot think well as my mind sleepy.Yes guys,so I need the right time of sleeping as I love to sleep ...lol
... 8 hours of sleeping is enough .right guys?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going to Dumaguete with my AuntieErlinda Partosa.


Hello guys,whats-up.Hope everyone's doing fine today...As for me here i am going to Dumaguete City with my Auntie Linda and ohhhh free fare again...Thanks that my auntie had money.yeah always be good boy so that I can always go with my auntie.lol
Ok guys I have to prepare my things now...see u next time ...muah I am missing you all .God bless us.I wish i have a nice trip and nice food again.hmn

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm going to bacolod today with my Auntie Erlinda Partosa.hmnn


Going to travel for long hours today...oh my goodness i hope i should not going to feel the sickness in traveling.I am very easy to get dizzy and i can't resist to travel especially if riding a bus...oh hate it...Ok guys I and my Auntie will going to get her birth certificate in Bacolod.After my mother went to Bacolod ,my auntie will going to...hmnnnn
But my Auntie ask me to be her companion..coz she can hardly write...
OK guys I hope to get finish things done well.Bye for now...I have to go...muah

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chatting to my Best Friend .


Nice day for me as I talked to my Best friend,,,He is a boy with good attitude,smiling face ,just fun to be with only in cam to talk/chat.I am happy seeing him on cam,I'am glad that his doing good at school ,he is now 23 of age...He is studying in USA and He live originally in Germany.We treated each other as Best friend .Good to hear when he said He is going to have vacation here in phils soon.I don't knew when but I do expected in the end of His schooling.Yeah it might be good to spend time together having picnic with berkadas.lol
Good to hear also that He has Girlfriend and good too .yeah cool boy.
As for me here I have gf too and loving .hmnnnnn Proud to be ...
OK friend I have to go now as I am going back to farm again...bye bye now.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm going to Kalumboyan today....oh cool.


Oh my goodness ,I am going to Kalumboyan today in our farm ,I have to harvest corn.Oh yeah I hope I have more energy/strength to make things done.I am glad to travel again,going to farm,i miss riding motorbike but because our motorbike is not in good condition yet,I prefer to ride a bus...Alright guys,,,bye bye now...

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Mother return home tonight from Bacolod City.


I am happy that my mother went to Bacolod safety and return home happy and well.
I was grateful to heavenly Father that my mother able to get her original B-certificate at bacolod.My mother said it was her great experience getting her B-certificate as many questions and so much pressure,she did not remembered the personal info .about her parents ,so she decides to contact her eldest brother and so it was answered...ohhhhhhhh she did good work as she was now holding her B-certificate back home.
Oh my goodness it was not easy to think how bad you lose your B-certificate during the early days of your life.My mother has a hard situation before, as her B-certificate was been burned because of the horrible accident happen.One of her parents house with store was got burned and therefore they affected so much.Their important things was burned.How bad ...so much hurt guys,but the important is no one of my mother family burned on fire with the house/store.
So after days pass ,my mother and with the family recover transferring into another house to live , easily move on.
So guys ,i feel bad about what happening to my mother life in her early age and family.Anyway I am thankful that now everything's good.Difficult if we lose our B-certificate coz it's very important when we have to go abroad and etc.hmn
OK guys till here now...thanks and more power May God bless us all.
yeah feel good my mother return home now.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mother Gloria went to Bacolod just to get her B-certificate.


Have a nice day guys,what are u doing today? I wish u all doing fine...As for me here I am a kind of tired and sleepy.lol
My mother went to Bacolod today but before that ,when she's preparing her things going to Bacolod,my little sis,crying because she understood that my mother will go.lol
But anyway Guys ,coz I am the elder so my mother let me taking care of my little sis. valerie...oh my goodness.My first time to handle coz before my eldest sister done it.
How about my mother prepared food so early in the morning at about 2 oclock for her ride in bus is starting 3 oclock must be ready...and oh I was awake also...but then I am thankful that my little sis not again crying coz u know why...she's still so sleepy when my mother go out from our house.lol
ok guys,today i have again sleep in morning coz I am so sleepy and I can't stop BEING SLEEPY..............until noon.ehhhhhhhhhh
oh I hope my mother can get her B-certificate immediately and be safe.I am hardly take a good care of my little sis.Valerie as I had works too.Well guys,till here now am going to prepare our food for lunch...yahoooo Ok my friends and the readers bye for now....God bless us all.Thanks for visiting here always,muahhhh

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh gosh...my mother bought a CD tape/a mvie during fiesta ....nice


Hi guys ,how are you today?Hope all are doing fine...Oh yeah as for me here am happy watching the Movie that Mother bought last time during the fiest here in Bayawan City...the character was Jet-li And Jacket Chan...and the young boy...The title is...who is the great King?
Nice movie guys and I enjoy watching...Oh Guys hold on...if u want to search for this movie just open youtube.com and try your best to search...I know this movie is so popular...for me it's best.
oh guys...I like the actors of this movie coz they we're smart and honorable...oh chinese gung fu...hmnnnn
Ok guys till here now ...I'll be here soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy fiesta to Bayawanon people including me....Bongga


Hello Everyone I am happy that we have great event here in Bayawan City Feb.17-18/2011 a fiesta event and oh what a great fiest ,some people are preparing foods...oh yummy...
But you know Guys,there are also GMA actresses and actors are visiting here in Bayawan City and oh many people watching them because they have concert that held in Business Integrated Center ,our pleasure they come and joined us to our fiest here as we have Tawo-tawo Festival and etc.Anyway Guys I cannot tell who are them all because i forgot the others...but atleast I remember some of them was namely Iza Calzado ,Angelica Dela Cruz,Vanissa Del Moran ,Roshell Pangilinan and 4 others...oh very exciting...Thanks I saw them in person... Two boys ,1 gay,and 6 girls Handsome and beautiful actresses and actors...I admire them .Ok guys ...sorry i had no pictures to let u see them...

Monday, February 14, 2011

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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My brother Danny return Home from working.


My brother Danny come home today from working in Dumaguete and oh my goodness he is getting thin as he works over...Sometimes he work over time...from 10 p.m to 6 a.m...too bad for health right....but anyway he will resign on April and good he will stop working as computer specialist...I been applying before in the company where he worked but i hate the time of working and the basis...so i don't even interested to really work there...for now I prepare to be here home .Yes feel good.More time to relax guys...hehehe

My brother has a family already with one pretty daughter...namely Destiny...what a nice name ...A destiny of loving you or I am destined to love you is meant to be in that name.hmn nice ah...
Ok guys I hope my brother can recover soon...he is thin losing some weight....too bad.
But good that he is not sick...yah Thanks God for that.

Friday, February 11, 2011

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Police harrassment made in Orlando.Please guys check this out and aware.


Why does there’s a corrupt police officer? Someone is victims of the harassment accusation, bad treatment happen in Orlando police corruption. Someone had a bad experience being frame of the police and he thought it was only a nightmare .I have a story for you to share guys about someone treated by a corrupt police officer in Orlando please visit this site police corruption wake-up guys. Pay attention. This is real and not a false story, this is what someone experience when he was driving and was stop by a police officer. You guys will allow to be treated like what he had experience? I guess you don’t like to happen it to you too of course in my case also. I was shocking when knowing there was a corrupt police in real world; I thought it should only happen in movie. I was just wrong guys, so for now I should also aware of this news. So please we have to stop this case earlier the better.
Well Guys I hope you get some lesson of what someone has told you police corruption . I trusted the Police in my expectation that they can help a lot. But now I bear in my mind that a police is somewhat can help u and that u will get into jail. So to all people I remind u to take care and have a safety driving not to get caught by a corrupt police who is not serving the government good or doing their duty correctly. To all the police officer please make your duty honorable to individuals, we can’t do the task you are doing because that’s only assigned as your responsibility being a police and plus you studied it for how many years, having terrible training, and knowing the right policy ,so please being a police officer use your right policy ,your good learning’s to treat people. Hopefully have your attention.Please stop the corruption now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Went to farm after my long vacation to manila.


Good to spent time on the farm.Roaming around and look for the plants growing healthy.My father is always on the farm living alone.He works daily...cleaning the fields and planting crops,some are vegetables and fruits.Good that my father is doing well being alone.You know Guys ,my father and mother didn't understand to each other for now.For having 7 kids they have before...and be with each other for long years...Why this happening...sad to think , they are getting old now and they broke their relationship.oh that's funny guys but that's their lives maybe.And God has reason for allowing things to happen in their relationship/lives.So now I wish that even they don't have unity,I and my siblings can still talk to them,as being their children's respect is always on top/the first command.
Ok guys,how do you respect your parents?For me I give them respect as to give them care,love,honesty and obedience.It feels good when to say ,I love you Ma and Pa.Oh yeah...do you guys do the same?Hope you too.

Oh guys ,I back to my topic which is spending time to farm.oh yes I love doing it.My pleasure to climb on tree's as usual and pick some sweet fruits.lol
Oops guys ,so amazing that I longer did not use to work here...the reason that I am in the vacation and then after my vacation I'd went to farm.And just now comeback.I now welcoming myself to happy return again.lol
I will write soon here the moments i had in my vacation.enjoyable but no pictures.


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