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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chatting to my Best Friend .

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Nice day for me as I talked to my Best friend,,,He is a boy with good attitude,smiling face ,just fun to be with only in cam to talk/chat.I am happy seeing him on cam,I'am glad that his doing good at school ,he is now 23 of age...He is studying in USA and He live originally in Germany.We treated each other as Best friend .Good to hear when he said He is going to have vacation here in phils soon.I don't knew when but I do expected in the end of His schooling.Yeah it might be good to spend time together having picnic with berkadas.lol
Good to hear also that He has Girlfriend and good too .yeah cool boy.
As for me here I have gf too and loving .hmnnnnn Proud to be ...
OK friend I have to go now as I am going back to farm again...bye bye now.



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