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Monday, March 28, 2011

Doing household chores....cleaning the sorroundings.

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How are u today guys?
Oh yeah as for me here I am busy doing household chores plus trimming the grass in our yard.Oh it makes me busy enough.I have no time for making my daily habit visiting here as well as to my friend.So I was in delay sorry guys.Anyway I finish my work for about 6 oclock pm.And nice to see the result,the sorroundings looks clean and the house looks good.Yes wonderful if always.And oh my work helps my health just I have good relaxation at the evening earlier,oh I slept well.It's because I am working much at the day time ,my body get tired and does makes me sleeping tight.
Last night I was disturb by our dog bark and I did not able to sleep early because of noisy.So I did to awake surfing the net ,opening my Fb page and after at 12 oclock in the evening I comeback to bed and sleep.Oh bad habit.
I do hope nothing can disturb my sleeping again because If I lack of sleep in the evening I cannot work well especially I cannot think well as my mind sleepy.Yes guys,so I need the right time of sleeping as I love to sleep ...lol
... 8 hours of sleeping is enough .right guys?



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