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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Mother return home tonight from Bacolod City.

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I am happy that my mother went to Bacolod safety and return home happy and well.
I was grateful to heavenly Father that my mother able to get her original B-certificate at bacolod.My mother said it was her great experience getting her B-certificate as many questions and so much pressure,she did not remembered the personal info .about her parents ,so she decides to contact her eldest brother and so it was answered...ohhhhhhhh she did good work as she was now holding her B-certificate back home.
Oh my goodness it was not easy to think how bad you lose your B-certificate during the early days of your life.My mother has a hard situation before, as her B-certificate was been burned because of the horrible accident happen.One of her parents house with store was got burned and therefore they affected so much.Their important things was burned.How bad ...so much hurt guys,but the important is no one of my mother family burned on fire with the house/store.
So after days pass ,my mother and with the family recover transferring into another house to live , easily move on.
So guys ,i feel bad about what happening to my mother life in her early age and family.Anyway I am thankful that now everything's good.Difficult if we lose our B-certificate coz it's very important when we have to go abroad and etc.hmn
OK guys till here now...thanks and more power May God bless us all.
yeah feel good my mother return home now.



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