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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nice pictures of my sisters and cousin's.


Hi good to look for the young age pictures of my sisters ,they looks great in the pics.Now my other sister got married.So it means they are in exact age na.hmn

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Friend from Manila message me in Ym today oh yeah so happy.


Hi guys,
How are you today?Hope all was fine , about me here I am doing good.By the way I receive messages from my intimate friend in manila namely David,He said that He miss me,yes thats right and I missing him too.He is my kind friend and Godfearing.As I read his messages I am in worried it's because he told me his problem ,and he said he has uncomfortable situation in living with his wife now.They rent a room in Manila and was happen they don't able to pay the rent so the owner kicked out the door.oh no hows that.So they walk out.
So now they transferred into another place in Morong belong to manila.oh my gosh I hope they will be blessed of God and they will live more comfortable as they wish.They don't have kids yet maybe both of them are working but maybe because of not enough salary receive to raise themselves ,they got trouble in living...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going to Dumaguete City to just visit my cousin and help my auntie and uncle follow-up.


Hi guys,how are you today?Oh am feeling tired already as I came from the Dumaguete City hospital visiting my cousin and helping my auntie and uncle follow-up my cousin requirements from the doctor.Oh my gosh it makes me tired coz always in the store buy medicine and etc.Oh guys I can tell that in the Provincial hospital there was many people suffered and was very pity.The other was no enough money to buy something.Hope the government will give free medication to all the patient.Hows that guys?Ok guys I return home already taking a rest for a while.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our little sister need to be immunize so we come to the health center today.


Oh my gosh we come to the health center today and was in unfortune the personnel was no enough medicine to inject...so we return home right away.Our little sister has lack of measles vaccine.So it comes to let her inject even she is now in age of 2 years.
My gosh...how bad,,,but the personnel in the health center ,let us return on the other day.So I wish everything will be ok soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My mother have massages today.Her bac aching.oh no


Hi guys ,how are you today ?Wish everything goes fine.About here so much pressure.Oh the weather not good ,some people here got sick.My mother back is aching so needs massage,but thanks God she carry the pain,she's able to come to the health center and have given tablets.And was having massage after all.Well after massage ,she's feeling alright now.Ok guys till here now...gonna sleep for a while ,am feeling tired of worry...

My cousin Renalyn was in the Hospital now.We all family worried about her.


Hi guys,have a good day?How are you?Hope doing fine.
Anyway its a bad day to me know that my cousin is in the hospital dumaguete now.She got sick...the result of check-up is Dengue...and now it was acute coz she's vomiting blood.Oh no very delicate situation of her.I pity of her ...almost my family worry of her situation but i know God knows what best for her.Everything has done has a reason.OK guys pls...say a prayer to my Cousin Renalyn Lachica to survive from sickness.I wish she will not vomit blood again.The doctor order that she needs 7 bags of blood.oh my gosh very terrible.Hows that guys...awesome and was afraid of her situation.
I have pics of her before ,i upload it here ,she was young at the age of 18 ,I hope she can carry the pain.God bless her and save her.Thanks God.By God's mercy ,grace and love she will be ok.Miracle.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

wow how great to have...family outing...nice di ba?hmnn


First pics...Oh yeah three siblings with one adapted baby.We enjoy swimming.oh no we're doing great...right?lol

Second pics...Papa ,sis. in-law ,sis.Rosalie and mama in the pics.oh yeah sadya ha oi.

The third pics...With Family pics...sis.in -law ,Mama with baby,I and sis.Nemia

Hi guys hows your day?Hope you doing fine.As for me here and my family we're doing fine and enjoying our day.We have picnic outing today in the boulevard near the sea .I and with my 2 sisters and our adapted baby go swimming but Mama ,Papa and my sister in-law only watching us.hmn
Yes guys we enjoy a lot.Taking pictures too.Oh ok share it here now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday.


Happy Sunday to all.Hows your day>Hope everything's alright.Just miss you guys.Wishing you good day.Keep smiling and just be thankful to God in everyway.God is great,His love endures forever.OK guys till here now.God bless us all.muah

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

feeling good now from sickness.Thanks


Hi guys,I feel so good now from sickness,but my tongue is still bitter.Oh my gosh I can't eat food more.Please help me guys ,I want to feel good as well.After the sickness attacking me .Hated it na.


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