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Thursday, August 12, 2010

wow how great to have...family outing...nice di ba?hmnn

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First pics...Oh yeah three siblings with one adapted baby.We enjoy swimming.oh no we're doing great...right?lol

Second pics...Papa ,sis. in-law ,sis.Rosalie and mama in the pics.oh yeah sadya ha oi.

The third pics...With Family pics...sis.in -law ,Mama with baby,I and sis.Nemia

Hi guys hows your day?Hope you doing fine.As for me here and my family we're doing fine and enjoying our day.We have picnic outing today in the boulevard near the sea .I and with my 2 sisters and our adapted baby go swimming but Mama ,Papa and my sister in-law only watching us.hmn
Yes guys we enjoy a lot.Taking pictures too.Oh ok share it here now.



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