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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My cousin Renalyn was in the Hospital now.We all family worried about her.

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Hi guys,have a good day?How are you?Hope doing fine.
Anyway its a bad day to me know that my cousin is in the hospital dumaguete now.She got sick...the result of check-up is Dengue...and now it was acute coz she's vomiting blood.Oh no very delicate situation of her.I pity of her ...almost my family worry of her situation but i know God knows what best for her.Everything has done has a reason.OK guys pls...say a prayer to my Cousin Renalyn Lachica to survive from sickness.I wish she will not vomit blood again.The doctor order that she needs 7 bags of blood.oh my gosh very terrible.Hows that guys...awesome and was afraid of her situation.
I have pics of her before ,i upload it here ,she was young at the age of 18 ,I hope she can carry the pain.God bless her and save her.Thanks God.By God's mercy ,grace and love she will be ok.Miracle.



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