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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Friend from Manila message me in Ym today oh yeah so happy.

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Hi guys,
How are you today?Hope all was fine , about me here I am doing good.By the way I receive messages from my intimate friend in manila namely David,He said that He miss me,yes thats right and I missing him too.He is my kind friend and Godfearing.As I read his messages I am in worried it's because he told me his problem ,and he said he has uncomfortable situation in living with his wife now.They rent a room in Manila and was happen they don't able to pay the rent so the owner kicked out the door.oh no hows that.So they walk out.
So now they transferred into another place in Morong belong to manila.oh my gosh I hope they will be blessed of God and they will live more comfortable as they wish.They don't have kids yet maybe both of them are working but maybe because of not enough salary receive to raise themselves ,they got trouble in living...



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