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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Graduation day of my cousin Ivy...yes congratulations.

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How was everybody here?OK I hope all are doing fine.As for me here I am pretty good and sorry guys,I got a delayed posting pics of my cousin here during graduation.Thanks she finish the 6 years of schooling ,like she is a hardworking girl,she is a working student guys and she did a good work for about 6 years.And Hope she can continue schooling on High School as well as in college.God will Bless her I knew.
Anyway she felt very happy receiving a certificate of graduation.You see in her eyes,how she felt.hmnnnnn
But sad to think her mother not able to attend her graduation.Oh gosh and therefore not full happiness she have ,but at least she did her best right?
Ok till here now,,,I have to prepare food for dinner...muah



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