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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Went to farm after my long vacation to manila.

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Good to spent time on the farm.Roaming around and look for the plants growing healthy.My father is always on the farm living alone.He works daily...cleaning the fields and planting crops,some are vegetables and fruits.Good that my father is doing well being alone.You know Guys ,my father and mother didn't understand to each other for now.For having 7 kids they have before...and be with each other for long years...Why this happening...sad to think , they are getting old now and they broke their relationship.oh that's funny guys but that's their lives maybe.And God has reason for allowing things to happen in their relationship/lives.So now I wish that even they don't have unity,I and my siblings can still talk to them,as being their children's respect is always on top/the first command.
Ok guys,how do you respect your parents?For me I give them respect as to give them care,love,honesty and obedience.It feels good when to say ,I love you Ma and Pa.Oh yeah...do you guys do the same?Hope you too.

Oh guys ,I back to my topic which is spending time to farm.oh yes I love doing it.My pleasure to climb on tree's as usual and pick some sweet fruits.lol
Oops guys ,so amazing that I longer did not use to work here...the reason that I am in the vacation and then after my vacation I'd went to farm.And just now comeback.I now welcoming myself to happy return again.lol
I will write soon here the moments i had in my vacation.enjoyable but no pictures.



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