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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mother Gloria went to Bacolod just to get her B-certificate.

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Have a nice day guys,what are u doing today? I wish u all doing fine...As for me here I am a kind of tired and sleepy.lol
My mother went to Bacolod today but before that ,when she's preparing her things going to Bacolod,my little sis,crying because she understood that my mother will go.lol
But anyway Guys ,coz I am the elder so my mother let me taking care of my little sis. valerie...oh my goodness.My first time to handle coz before my eldest sister done it.
How about my mother prepared food so early in the morning at about 2 oclock for her ride in bus is starting 3 oclock must be ready...and oh I was awake also...but then I am thankful that my little sis not again crying coz u know why...she's still so sleepy when my mother go out from our house.lol
ok guys,today i have again sleep in morning coz I am so sleepy and I can't stop BEING SLEEPY..............until noon.ehhhhhhhhhh
oh I hope my mother can get her B-certificate immediately and be safe.I am hardly take a good care of my little sis.Valerie as I had works too.Well guys,till here now am going to prepare our food for lunch...yahoooo Ok my friends and the readers bye for now....God bless us all.Thanks for visiting here always,muahhhh



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