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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy fiesta to Bayawanon people including me....Bongga

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Hello Everyone I am happy that we have great event here in Bayawan City Feb.17-18/2011 a fiesta event and oh what a great fiest ,some people are preparing foods...oh yummy...
But you know Guys,there are also GMA actresses and actors are visiting here in Bayawan City and oh many people watching them because they have concert that held in Business Integrated Center ,our pleasure they come and joined us to our fiest here as we have Tawo-tawo Festival and etc.Anyway Guys I cannot tell who are them all because i forgot the others...but atleast I remember some of them was namely Iza Calzado ,Angelica Dela Cruz,Vanissa Del Moran ,Roshell Pangilinan and 4 others...oh very exciting...Thanks I saw them in person... Two boys ,1 gay,and 6 girls Handsome and beautiful actresses and actors...I admire them .Ok guys ...sorry i had no pictures to let u see them...



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