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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I went to Kalumboyan today...

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oh my gosh ...I went to Kalumboyan today coz Mama told me to bring Papa here in bayawan to sign the papers for franchise of our Pedicab.When I get into Kalumboyan I go quickly to our farm to let Papa know ,but oh the river was high and hard to get through across without a boat,so great that there's a balsa made up of bamboo the same as boat that we use to ride.So I ride the balsa...To the max I'm feeling happy.hmn
However when I get into Papa house ,he wasn't there,so i hurriedly comeback riding the balsa again.wow I like it though.However I was terribly wonder wooh so bad...I saw Papa walking on the way going home and was notice that he fill drunk.hehehe not of my business to ask Papa where he get drunk...He is a drunkrad person and I bother of it also.
But I did not lose hope to bring Papa with me.Thanks God we reach home and no bad thing happen.okey this is all for now.



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