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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

staying here in home all day long.

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hi to all,

I am so happy watching movie again here on net.I fond of watching movie especially if interesting.heheheh
By the way I prefer to stay all day long here in home just today and was felt comfortable than roaming around alone.
Oh by the way,I like transporter scene the actor is very good and the events happen in the scene was terrible.I wish to become an actor artist too.hmnnnnn
well...today I was also happy that my uncle Jerry get done processing of his papers for marriage.This month is the set date of his wedding and hope everything goes right.I knew my uncle is old enough to handle things better.Marriage is sacred and was blessed by our heavenly father.So everyone who enter the kingdom of marriage just remind that be strong enough and be happy together in living until the rest of your lives.
thanks and have a nice day.



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