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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going to the Market with my sister Rose and we saw many people in the street .Oh my gosh so scared.What was that?

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Hi guys,hows ur day?hope you all doing fine.As for me here am doing fine too but later this day I was feeling so scared because of something happen in the way while we're going to the market riding motorbike with my sister.And it was happen there was an accident ahead of us.Oh my gosh how awesome.I was out of mind ,so we stop in the side way and rest for a while.Then after a time pass I come to the market just walking for I am afraid of the accident happen.I left my sister in the motorbike ,I give her the word not to walk just sit in the motorbike.
So then,According to the other people who see the accident happen ,the two motorbike was in cross ,so the riders got hurt.So it was rescued by the traffic aid.The riders are in pain and brought to the Hospital,I don't know what happen na.Oh am feeling scared na.So guys if u are using motorbike,please take care and drive slowly.Thanks and God bless us all.



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