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Friday, August 28, 2009

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Oh I post my pics here...looking so wonderful a cute smile...hehehe
anyway am happy visiting my page here and was terrible wonder that i had a little friend's here ...hope soon i could finally get to know each other and exchange link with me.
ohoh my day is not good enough today ,i felt boring staying here at home.I just wanna enjoy myself ,explore with friends but am a lonely guy as of now ,maybe this was not the exact time to find a partner in life coz i haven't got a job yet...one thing also i had a goal and need to achieve...to build my future in good situation not just so hard.Just like i think of the situation of my younger brother who marry earlier doesn't have job yet then nothing happen.The time now was hard and i don't want my future to be hard too coz i had so many experience about difficult life.If time permits and give me the real opportunity to work in abroad ,wow i will help my family ,my brother also then build my own future then.ty


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