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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yeah boom...our store was finish building now ...i can take pictures tomorrow

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wow wow wow...wanna give applause to myself for I really did a good job...hehehe .How many days i spent for helping and waiting to finish building the store.Much better now well done.heheheh
ohoh... i had a cute smile in my face today ,our beighbor come here in home and said ...wow u have a nice store wonderful strong...it's too good you've to start selling goods especially mobile load so that we can have here .lol
Even our neighbor notice the wondrous looks of our small store ...hehehe amazing.
ohoh my father from farm arrive here and feeling worry.He told us to pawn the land in the kalumboyan ...how sad...but anyway the money will be used for my uncle wedding.My uncle was getting older now and was pitty if he canno't marry sooner.We had no other Idea on how to help my uncle,so just thinking that we had to pawn the land.Well for me we had a good idea,for the sake of my uncle happiness.Also He'll be settle down and have a family.The reason why He canno't spent a lot of money for his wedding because he is just working in his own farm and have no salary .lol...every sunday he come to the barrio and sell some vegetables but then not enough to earn big income.
For by so doing papa wanted to help him and just decide to pawn the land...hoh hoh hoh getting me worry...till here now...ty



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