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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

our Neighborhood from Kalumboyan come home today.

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Oh my gosh,I was in surprised that our neighborhood from Kalumboyan come home today with my Father ,But shocking when they are in front of the house, our neighbor namely Jerry is shouting loud and I hate of what He did.He said Hohhhhhhh .But anyway he feels so happy when he saw our house thats why He shouted I guess.But one thing I notice to him is he shout loud because He got drunk already,Papa also got drunk then .I hate their styles,they had no shy when got drunk.Frankly speaking I hate drunkard person,so I hate my father of his bad habit na...oh my gosh not good to hate your own father right?But I only not want his bad vice na.Hope not to be like my father someday.hehehe
Ok guys...till here now. I am so busy na.So i sometimes can open and update here so sorry but I'm still working here.oh yeah



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