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Monday, June 28, 2010

People with addictions often need help to kick the habit

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One of the saddest things in the world is to watch someone we care about ruining their life with drugs or alcohol. Often the person doesn't even seem aware that they have a problem. I personally have a friend that is an alcoholic, but in his mind he just drinks "a few beers". I wish his wife would push him to seek treatment at an alcohol treatment center but so far she hasn't. His children have little respect for him because they see him drunk and making a fool of himself so much. They are ashamed of him but he is really a good guy with a bad habot, and he works hard to support his family. It is too bad that he doesn't seem interested in seeking alcohol treatment for his problem.

It seems that more and more people turn to drugs or alcohol to hide their problems or make life more fun. Unfortunately the use of those two things is a two edged sword that will usually cause problems with our lives. Often people with these addictions cannot overcome them by themselves and need drug treatment to kick the habit. I have seen too many people mess up their lives, or even lose their lives because of drug or alcohol mis-use. If people we love are addicted it is vitally important for us to speak out and try to help them.

Sometimes just convincing a person that they really do have a problem is the hardest part, and it is the most important. The first step toward a cure is admitting to having the problem, and it may be the longest step of all. There are some really good rehabs out there, such as Axis Residential Treatment, located east of Los Angeles in California. Don't let life pass you by. If you need help don't wait, call for help today and get your life back on track.



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