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Friday, August 31, 2012

tasted friendship;strengthened with time

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Hey guys,welcomeback here again,huh for long time i was off here,sorry guys,
anyway, let me express my feeling today and  discuss about how friendship is treasured.Well friendship is always a things that is treasured  by everyone.
all of us have friends.we hang out with them,share joy and problem with then,and even make fun with them.surely,thereis no greater treasure than the moments or timeyou spend with your friends.
having friends is nice but just like other relationships there are still conflicts that will open our sense and make us grow into better persons.and those that will make our friendship stronger.
our relationship with our friends would best boring if it is not tested.I mean we  would not know if it is not tested,rigth?I have a friend we have been friends for almost four years until now.  I was happy having her oh thank God our friendship last forever.yah guys,i have to go now,till here now,Have a bless day .xoxoxo



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