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Friday, August 31, 2012

My tributed to my mater

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hi good day everyone this is the frish day of Sept 1.I want to  share my alma matter in my life is a series of stops and goes . in some little time we stop and them we stop and then we go.it is not yet the end insted it is the begining of a new era. what Iam in the future depends on my iether sucess or failure.is in this school where my personalityis molded.she hep me in preparing  myself to the next chapter of my life and in order to attain a good future.
       My tributed in this instatution is to give the assurance to serve and brilliant a compared to the other student but i made my promise and i will make it possible to happen.the good name of Bayawan College School,will remian in my mind as well are in my heart .
wherever I will always serve and my alma mater and for me this is the most import.



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