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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Best Pal Come Unexpectedly

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hello, how are you today ?I hope you are doing will  over there in your place,if one give s out of love he gives  something precious and valuable even to the expense of doing or induring certain saccrifices.my store started during my childhood years that I couldnt forget and it implied to me the real meaning of friendship. one day ,several years ago in the summer of my chilldhood my friends and I found us with nothing to do we had played all the ganes we could thinkof explored all the secret places around our neighbor it was the kid kid of summer afternoon when sun seemed between the places. no wind stirred.the brown dirty leavesof the trees hang limp and motion less asidefrom us no one else was moving about,for the whole niegthbor was having its music suddenly,we all  turned toward  the direction he was facing and saw what seemed like birds.



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