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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going Bacong near to Dumaguete City.Oh feel excited.

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Hi Guys how are you today? Hope you are doing fine .As for me here; I was happy and good to be with my one brother in Bacong .He feel bored in his work sometimes as graphics specialist but good he has long patience.He really do good job.And then He said to us to apply in their company so we did it...with my sis.Nemia.Today we come inside to the company where my bro.Danny worked but oh guys real good we experience inside coz the supervisor of the company gives us exam right away.So we tried to answer the exam but it was so hard and I think we never passed it coz actual in the computer hands on and the second one is the test paper so it was good we answer the second exam.Hope we passed the exam.The good time is we don't have limit time to finish the exam ,just depends on us when we have to finish .oh yeah.Good experience .



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