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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi guys ,whats-up ,hows ur day?Hope all was fine..

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Today my Brother and mother come to Kalumboyan and was happen when they going back here they we're four rides ,was add two ,my 2 cousin,so it unexpedtedly while they we're traveling back here in Bayawan they meet an accident.oh no
Oh today I was in sad mood and worried a lot that my mother and brother with 2 cousin disgrace in the motorbike.I was in worried to them because they felt pretty bad ache/pain ,skin damage.I almost blame my brother coz he drove the motorbike so faster and he has out of control so the motorbike was driving in the wrong way.What a big mistake.Anyway I was so grateful to God they're all not in delicate situation.Only my mother brought to the hospital to examine her skin face damage ,got bleeding.Yes spend money for it.Thanks God he provide money for us that comes from our small store.OH my gosh i was in nervous that they looks so pity,feel the hurt,ouch .So give time to them to relax and about a minutes their talking about the accident happen with the motorbike.The motorbike front was cracked and the other part.But yes Thanks be to God He save them, How lucky they are not losing breath/life.Some people who experience motorbike accident was died.So guys I advise you to be careful enough in driving.Drive slowly but surely.thanks
Nice they're feeling good na.



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