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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My sister Rosalie with her classmates during acquaintance Party.

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Good to see my sister Rosalie with not having over make-up , her classmates has awesome make-up.Celebrating their Acquaintance party all girls look so good in their outfit but has terrible make-up.lol

Most of my sister classmates fill of make-up so therefore the others have white face but has a brown skin. Not good to look na.Maybe their make-up artist made it over.lol
The boys are in natural looks.But the girls has funny make-up but anyway they look good as usual.
Hey guys,I miss having acquaintance party.I felt so glad when i saw my sister pictures with her classmates.oh i feel so much excited.lol
Wish to be in school but it can't be true because i already finish schooling.hehehe
ok guys till here now ,am going to work na.



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