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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mother Gloria went to Bacolod just to get her B-certificate.


Have a nice day guys,what are u doing today? I wish u all doing fine...As for me here I am a kind of tired and sleepy.lol
My mother went to Bacolod today but before that ,when she's preparing her things going to Bacolod,my little sis,crying because she understood that my mother will go.lol
But anyway Guys ,coz I am the elder so my mother let me taking care of my little sis. valerie...oh my goodness.My first time to handle coz before my eldest sister done it.
How about my mother prepared food so early in the morning at about 2 oclock for her ride in bus is starting 3 oclock must be ready...and oh I was awake also...but then I am thankful that my little sis not again crying coz u know why...she's still so sleepy when my mother go out from our house.lol
ok guys,today i have again sleep in morning coz I am so sleepy and I can't stop BEING SLEEPY..............until noon.ehhhhhhhhhh
oh I hope my mother can get her B-certificate immediately and be safe.I am hardly take a good care of my little sis.Valerie as I had works too.Well guys,till here now am going to prepare our food for lunch...yahoooo Ok my friends and the readers bye for now....God bless us all.Thanks for visiting here always,muahhhh

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh gosh...my mother bought a CD tape/a mvie during fiesta ....nice


Hi guys ,how are you today?Hope all are doing fine...Oh yeah as for me here am happy watching the Movie that Mother bought last time during the fiest here in Bayawan City...the character was Jet-li And Jacket Chan...and the young boy...The title is...who is the great King?
Nice movie guys and I enjoy watching...Oh Guys hold on...if u want to search for this movie just open youtube.com and try your best to search...I know this movie is so popular...for me it's best.
oh guys...I like the actors of this movie coz they we're smart and honorable...oh chinese gung fu...hmnnnn
Ok guys till here now ...I'll be here soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy fiesta to Bayawanon people including me....Bongga


Hello Everyone I am happy that we have great event here in Bayawan City Feb.17-18/2011 a fiesta event and oh what a great fiest ,some people are preparing foods...oh yummy...
But you know Guys,there are also GMA actresses and actors are visiting here in Bayawan City and oh many people watching them because they have concert that held in Business Integrated Center ,our pleasure they come and joined us to our fiest here as we have Tawo-tawo Festival and etc.Anyway Guys I cannot tell who are them all because i forgot the others...but atleast I remember some of them was namely Iza Calzado ,Angelica Dela Cruz,Vanissa Del Moran ,Roshell Pangilinan and 4 others...oh very exciting...Thanks I saw them in person... Two boys ,1 gay,and 6 girls Handsome and beautiful actresses and actors...I admire them .Ok guys ...sorry i had no pictures to let u see them...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Great choices of nursing scrubs ,hospital uniform for men and women .Check this out.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

WildBlue satellite internet service is now available and affordable.Check this out.


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My brother Danny return Home from working.


My brother Danny come home today from working in Dumaguete and oh my goodness he is getting thin as he works over...Sometimes he work over time...from 10 p.m to 6 a.m...too bad for health right....but anyway he will resign on April and good he will stop working as computer specialist...I been applying before in the company where he worked but i hate the time of working and the basis...so i don't even interested to really work there...for now I prepare to be here home .Yes feel good.More time to relax guys...hehehe

My brother has a family already with one pretty daughter...namely Destiny...what a nice name ...A destiny of loving you or I am destined to love you is meant to be in that name.hmn nice ah...
Ok guys I hope my brother can recover soon...he is thin losing some weight....too bad.
But good that he is not sick...yah Thanks God for that.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Email Marketing for now,is fast and effective.Check this out.


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Police harrassment made in Orlando.Please guys check this out and aware.


Why does there’s a corrupt police officer? Someone is victims of the harassment accusation, bad treatment happen in Orlando police corruption. Someone had a bad experience being frame of the police and he thought it was only a nightmare .I have a story for you to share guys about someone treated by a corrupt police officer in Orlando please visit this site police corruption wake-up guys. Pay attention. This is real and not a false story, this is what someone experience when he was driving and was stop by a police officer. You guys will allow to be treated like what he had experience? I guess you don’t like to happen it to you too of course in my case also. I was shocking when knowing there was a corrupt police in real world; I thought it should only happen in movie. I was just wrong guys, so for now I should also aware of this news. So please we have to stop this case earlier the better.
Well Guys I hope you get some lesson of what someone has told you police corruption . I trusted the Police in my expectation that they can help a lot. But now I bear in my mind that a police is somewhat can help u and that u will get into jail. So to all people I remind u to take care and have a safety driving not to get caught by a corrupt police who is not serving the government good or doing their duty correctly. To all the police officer please make your duty honorable to individuals, we can’t do the task you are doing because that’s only assigned as your responsibility being a police and plus you studied it for how many years, having terrible training, and knowing the right policy ,so please being a police officer use your right policy ,your good learning’s to treat people. Hopefully have your attention.Please stop the corruption now.


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