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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Going to Bayawan College ,getting my Form 137-A.oh get mad.

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Have a nice day guys,hey whats-up.I come to school today at Bayawan college to get my Form 137-A there then after I also come to Norsu school.I am happy that when I visiting Bayawan College they finish doing my Form 137-A and was right i receive it .But when I get into Norsu i submit the Form 137-A to the registrar office without reading it ,but oh my gosh the teacher ask me,When is your birthdate?I said January 07, and she said take a look what a mistake typing is this? oh it was having a mistake because of my Birth date.Instead of January 07, they made it January 09.Oh what a big big question.Only one number is gonna mistake.And I doesn't notice it? So i had nothing to do but to get back to Bayawan College again and making it right.Doing hard time going back and forth.It makes me mad at all.I hate my day today.It's been boring plus getting mad.oh please do me a favor.Wanna get sleep now.Thanks


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