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Friday, February 19, 2010

Yes our pleasure to play at the seashore.We enjoy playing slipperkick.hehehe

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Hi Guys,

How are you today?Hope you all are doing fine.As for me here am doing good.And you know we family spending good time together to come into the seashore.wow what a nice pleasure we had today,so wonderful.
I ,my sister Nemia ,sis.Rosalie and cousin peter are playing slipperkick on the seashore oh yeah it was funny ,seems I turn back to a young ones.lol.It was a nice play.You know pinawisan ako ng maraming singot. lol
Anyway guys,do you know how to play slipperkick?I guess you knew it.yeah I remember this play since I was young kid.More especially at school ,almost student's play slipperkick as the most enjoyable play.hahaha
ok till here now,thanks and have a nice day to all.



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