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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleeping almost a day time .wooh keeping me tired.

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Hi guys ,how are you today?hope you all was doing fine.oh my gosh for me here ,its such a bad day for me ,i get to sleep almost a day time.I get tired of thinking and has no sleep for a night coz of getting things need to finished.But anyway am feeling good after all i get done my work.Oh yes guys,what a nice baye-baye my sister in-law prepare today,yeah she made it the best a nice taste/only a sticky grind corn with sugar and coconut.Good to eat baye-baye one of the best delicacy here in our town ,bayawan city.oh want to eat,maybe you can buy some at the Avon and Morgados baye-baye.lol
Okey some people want baye-baye as paslubong.So when they come to Manila sometimes they brought baye-baye.oh yummy.There are two kinds of baye-baye that made by a sticky corn and sticky rice.By the way if you want to make one,just search for a recipe on it.hmnnnnnnnn
How interesting.I want too.


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