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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yeah just wanted to extend my lovely greetings to everyone today ,Just advance happy Valentines ...my big heart to all of you,muah

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Yeah what a nice smile i have today.Tomorrow is Valentines day and oh my gosh I had no one to date with for short I had nobody (for this time).In a joke just like no body meaning walang katawan.hehehe
My heart widely open to greet everyone an advance Happy Valentines.Hope you guys,finds already your valentina or valentino.Just wishing you all the happiness and loved.God bless us all.

Oops i want to share with you the lovely quotes that my friend send me.
Here we go...
Happy Hearts Day to all Lovers,enjoy your date!!!
To all loveless... just still wait for it to come,maybe this is not the right time to have a relationship .
For those... broken-hearted we all know that we learn from our mistakes,though we learn from them the hard way.
We can never hold on to something for ever.So learn to live and let go the pain,Be Happy.smile


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