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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Bro. Danny and her wife started doing their living.

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Have a good day guys,

How are you today? Hope all was fine.Yes as for me here and my family we're doing well.
And my Brother and sis. in-law are now started doing their living through small business at home.They sale dry goods.Wow this was nice right?
I wish everything ok...and then they can have a baby too soon.hmnnnnn
Yes excited to kiss and hug their future baby.lol
Anyway my 3 sister's already married but was having a hard way getting close to them because they live in far places ,so even they have kids already we can't touch ,we can't give a kiss and hug.However we can see them on cam.But I wish...
Hope they can visit us here as well.We already miss them.muah

okey till here now,I'm going to do laundry.I have a lot of dirty clothes that was stock in the bathroom.oh my gosh
I need to finish my work for today,i am a bit busy.

Thanks everyone and God bless us all.



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