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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday to myself.lol

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By the way guys,Today is my b-day and I am 28 years old already.And wow we prepared chicken soap and etc.So we enjoy eating the food that we prepared after all.Thanks God He given me another year and years comes in my life.I wish I can reach my goals and vision in life.And then can find a girl whom to be , I marry.But I am waiting for what God has prepared for me ,a girl whom is deserving to be my partner.
By the way Guys,I am so much glad that My two sister's and two brother's in-law giving me such a great present.They help me buy refrigerator.So today we're having fun ,making ice candy and etc.yes have a lots of thanks to all.Okey guys till here now...just wanted to greet myself happy-happy Birthday .lol
I am enjoying my special day you know.May God blessed me more and more and that He will lead me in the way to success.And Many-many more birthday's to come in my life.Glory to God .


Shalini said...

Happy Birthday friend... Let God bless you with a good life partner...

bleep said...

belated happy birthday! and so young. you're at the prime of your life!!! have fun!


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