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Monday, April 19, 2010

Someone comes home today ,just asking if we're accepting boarders.lol

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Oh yes guys,what a surprised ,a chinese men asking permission to rent one room here at home.
Anyway a chinese man said that he is longing to come here at home and to ask if we accept boarders,but he was shy and he keep thinking to visit us and yes just today he did it ,so he approach my mother but no luck he was not able to rent. My mother refused,it's because we had only three rooms and all was occupied.No available for rent.lol
A man said...He is interested to rent one room here because he observed that we only few living here and he notice we are a good people.hmnnnnn
Yes we enjoy talking to him today as he is a good person too.He is a chinese man that lived in dumaguete but he want to lived here in bayawan as temporary only ,for he was a son to send to school.Alright not going to send his son to dumaguete in their place for some other reason and that i don;t know.

However He is renting to another house before he approach us... why was that happen? It's because he wants to transfer and find a good house to rent with satisfaction of water and electricity.And that he said.
Thats all for now.baboo



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