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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lot's of fun going to Kalumboyan then to Banay-Banay Barrio.

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My Mother and one sister and I ,went to Kalumboyan today and after we reach into kalumboyan Mama stay in Kalumboyan then I, and sis.Nemia going to banay-banay with our one cousin Renalyn.We're having lots of fun while we're three riding the motorbike going to Banay-banay coz the road was so much rough.And the road was wonderful ,the other road are cement and the other is not and the stones are awesome in the way.Oh yeah but still enjoying the ride.However we finally reach the upper Barrio of Banay-Banay and we stay at the house of our cousin Richard and good that they we're good to us.Although we had aim in going to Banay-banay the reason why because of my cousin Marlon Pamalaye (engage).So we prepared food and etc.After that we come to the Girl family home to create the meeting and to finish the plan for both Marlon and his Fiancee.hmnnnn
Thanks God everything was fine .Okey I will upload one photo of them here.The one you see wearing pink dress and white short is Marlon Fiancee and Marlon wearing long pants and black shirt.


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This will be a great trip. :)


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