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Friday, April 30, 2010

An inspirational message.

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life bring many blessing in disguise...only in time do we come to appreciate that everything and every one we encounter are actually God's blessing .

A fresh day deserves...a fresh smile and thanks giving to the creator who makes wonderful things happen to wonderful people.

Serving God is a privilege not a burden.. if God gave u an assignment count yourself blessed that he consider you faithful enough to trust you with it.

Find time to thank people who are good to you ... tell them you appreciate all the things they do to make you happy...
Nice di ba?hmnnn
Thanks for reading...hope you have enough confidence to thanks God for everything.God bless us all.

If two hearts are meant to be frnds.. no matter how long it takes.. how far they go.. how tough it seems ...fate will bring them together to share " FRIENDSHIP" forever...yes lovely.

Every caring person says if anything happen to you I"ll be beside you...but God will say nothing will happen to you as long as I'm beside you." PRAISE GOD "



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