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Saturday, April 24, 2010

We have a new sister in the family a very young one.lol

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I and Mama come to Kalumboyan today for the reason to get the baby girl that our relative's can't able to raise her it's because of their family situation.
A baby girl who has no mother that nurture her and has no father that in her side only her grandmother that also has many kids.Oh what a pity baby.But thanks God we had been permitted to get the baby to their home.
One time our relative a grandmother of a baby come here at home and said to my mother that she was going to give the privilege to us to raise the baby girl it's because she knew that we don't have any young kids here at home.But My mother refuses to accept so nothing was happen and so other days pass , my other sisters told my mother that she will be going to accept the baby and help then maybe my mother realizes it ,so time comes that we brought the baby here home.We get the baby into Kalumboyan .Thanks God everything goes right with us.And the baby girl is here already to us.We give her care and love.She is so thin and it comes to the result she is malnourished already.I wish she gonna recover sooner.God bless us all.
She has lack of care ,love and not enough food to ate ,no good strength,she was weak.According to our relatives she was already 1 year old and 4 months.I was very in touch of her.She was so young to suffer some hard things.So hope God will gave her good health as soon as she recover and good life...Glory to God.
By the way guys ,why she has no Mother and Father taking care of her it's because her mother leave her and went to manila with another guy and her father leave her also ,a reason to work to another place.Oh my gosh...big abuse.But hope they can realized.
Ok guys till here now...baboo.



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