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Friday, December 4, 2009

Great blooms of flowers at home.lol

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Hi Guy's my sister from school and my cousin from kalumboyan enjoy taking pics on the blooming flowers again here at home...lol
Flowers blooms was nice especially when the colors attractive. The surroundings may full of fashion, wondrous look.hmn

Oh my gosh Today Mama and I, come to the doctor for check-up and was glad we get done but I was sad to the result of my check-up was that I had a pneumonia disease. Hope it will be fine soon.I can't believe I have this disease the first time I felt was that my back aching and can't slept well.I bothered a lot...so thanks God I had medicine now,to maintain but don't know if it was enough.

Guy's just an advice pls. doesn’t let your health be troubled it was very important to stay healthy. So just a reminder take good care always of your health, don't be like me.lol
Anyway its God’s will but I knew He has power to heal the sick. So I am praying to be healed and have a good health as always. I am now aware of the health trouble...so I take care of myself now.hmnnnn

Okey till here now...have a good time to all.



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