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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yeah...its nice to attend Thanksgiving day celebration.

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Guys ...it’s nice to have a great day and nice to meet someone new at church.hmnnnn

We have Thanksgiving celebration at Kalumboyan church today and we members enjoying a lot.lol
We meet 2 Pastor's coming from the other place …the one is Ptr.Barbon from Dawis and the other one is from Bais City which is our Head Ptr.He is Rev.Ptr.Pino.We're glad to meet them again. You know guys, we had a successful thanksgiving day and everything was done by God's grace, and wow I fond of singing Christian songs. I admire Ptra.Barbon from Dawis who lead the praise and worship; she sung a lot.She has a nice voice.
By the way guys,
I enclose photos here...take a look... almost members looking so happy hearing the good news of God. Our Head Ptr. from Bais City was the preacher. He explained very well and all understand so much. Thanks God everything was fine.
Guys... I was so busy the day before the celebration...I help decorating the church and was enjoying afterwards the church looks great .hmnn

Well...I wanna introduce...our visitors in the photos I shared here...the one standing in front is our Head Pastor from Bais City .He's preaching the good news.In the 2nd pics...the one whose wearing white shirt sitting in front right side is the companion of our head Pastor.The other two sitting in front left side is the Ptr. and Ptra. from Dawis city,they are couple.ty
okey till here now...have a good time to all.



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