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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kalumboyan plaza Triangle...Has a new build Horse made...Take a look.

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Hello Guys,

I took pics of the beautiful new build horse made in Kalumboyan Plaza triangle.wow
It wasn't finish yet,no colors paint yet.But looks awesome already.
My one cousin and his classmate wearing red dress has a good pose...2nd pics my one sister with cousin had a lovely smile even so much sun light hit them.hehehe
My gosh it was adorable Horse made...it looks terrible.hehehe What must be the meaning of it...but as I remember before, people in Kalumboyan likes to have horse racing/horse fighting.Amazing.
Guy's nice time we had when we come to Kalumboyan attending thanksgiving celebration and we saw beautiful horse made there so taking pics on it.what a great pleasure we had.lol
Here in Bayawan city they had a carabao made.Look's lovely too.A carabao with all the green grass sorrounded by beautiful flowers and little tree's.hmnnn
Ok guys...if u wanna come here in phils just visit all places here...I knew you will enjoy as much as u can.But don't forget to bring Camera...so that you had all the remembrance.yeah thanks



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