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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We had a visitor Today...the Mormon Missionary.

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Wow ...Its nice to meet the Mormon Missionary today.They are namely,Elder Thorne and Elder Menor.They both great and they explain a lot to us about their faith in Jesus,their church and the good news of God where it comes from the first time.Also they gave us the book of mormon for us to read.
So nice to learn something new to them.Just today have heard new prophet Joseph Smith ,according to them.So as I read their book of Mormon I meet the name of Joseph Smith and was giving history so much interested...So we family appreciate their kindness and love in sharing us their knowledge,what they learn from the start.
Anyway guys,
They had a good training and was nice ,the same service in our bible study in church.In the beggining we start of a prayer then explaining the good news of God...question and answer...But i know everyone of us has different religion and was contented in what we have and feel.The important is we belong to God and we acknowldege Him in everything...give thanks.Have faith in Him.Okey guys...have a nice day.muah



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