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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello guy's am a bit quite here.Feel bored.

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What a boring day I had.lol
I miss my school days before.wooh I wish to comeback to school again and get another year in studying,another course.hmnnnnn
I realize how good to be at school learning some lessons and also being with classmates and friends.I also miss my all teachers especially in college and etc,they all great.muahh...hmnnnn
Another topic...Guy's telling you that am so emotional oh not that bad maybe.lol
I was that stupid sometimes...I don't like my behavior real sensitive.heheheh

Anyway guy's it's raining here today and was bored to go outside...so i stay at home and clean the house and scanning my old stuff from college papers and also church pics.lol
I was so lonely after all.
But when the rain calm down i take a look outside then breathing fresh sorroundings with smooth flowers blooms.oh lovely.My feeling refresh...hehehe
oops guys i put old photos here which taken before in our church.I forgot it.lol
I miss going to church already since last week I prefer to be at home as usual.hope to come this sunday ahead.Oh by the way guy's we had another party at the church ,you're all welcome...we had thanksgiving day every year at church every December 8,2009. I guess so many kids will come more power all enjoy on it.
Okey till here now.ty



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