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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello good to be in Basay attending Thanksgiving Day.yeah my first time.

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Have a nice day...It's great time that Ptr.Barbon with his daughter from Dawis City come here at home and letting us to go with them in Basay for the Thanksgiving Day so we did it.My Mother ,my Brother and I was happy riding motorbike going to Basay.Oh yeah for the first time I been in basay.
The good thing is that we had a safe trip and we come to basay in a right time.Many people out there and was glad they're all friendly,showing christian love.When the ceremony start it was great that the MC welcome us as a visitors.lol
I felt shy guys...when it comes to meet new people but I try my best to keep smiling.hehehee Shaking hands to all of them.hmnn
Guys so much pleasure when the Praise and worship begun ...it much exciting for we dance and sing a lot well.The leader was having golden voice so great.
Oh by the way I saw pretty American mix girl there from U.S.A and she with her Mother Ptra.Christine Bord ,they had their vacation in Bacong and visited basay.Her mother was a good preacher and I admire her a lot through his strong Faith in God...She has been annointed by the lord God Almighty.She is wonderful.Her Daughter offer enterpretative dance and was great too.wow lovely they we're blessed a lot.
Guys,the theme of their events, thanksgiving is...Holy,Holy God Almighty.Who was and is and is to come.Okey the Glory of God be with us all.His presence is all we seek everyday.
okey till here now.God bless us all.muah



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